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Disruptive Technologists
Lauren Keyson
The Origins of Disruptive Technologists by Lauren Keyson

Read Lauren Keyson’s latest book on the origins of Disruptive Technologists. Drawing on in-depth interviews with notable NYC-based disruptive technologists, investors, inventors, educators, hackers, and geniuses, The Origins of Disruptive Technologists and their Entrepreneurial Culture in New York City offers an intimate look at this new breed of tech entrepreneurs and the innovative products and services they are developing in labs, workspaces, basements, lounges, and apartments throughout the City.

Creative Writing

The goal for this book was to create an informative and inspirational work that will help the next big disruptor succeed in changing the way things work in the world.

In Lauren’s work as a tech journalist, she has spoken with hundreds of technophiles, and she found that they want to understand what makes successful Disruptive Technologists tick in order to emulate them, learn from them, and invest in them.

Investors and executives are always looking for the next Steve Jobs, and he or she is out there—in New York City—on the verge of a major tech breakthrough.

"This book sets out to take you into the world that investors like Dyson are sounding for the Next Big Thing – the world of New York’s Disruptive Technologists, delving inside their heads in order to gain insight and understanding into their ideas, dreams, and skills, the trials and false starts that continue to lead them to success."

Lauren Keyson