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The Origins of Disruptive Technologists®….and their Entrepreneurial Culture in New York City

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By Lauren Keyson and available on Amazon.

New York City is a technology hotbed with a thriving culture of entrepreneurship. Silicon Alley is at the forefront of new technology, not just as it relates to the finance industry, but all other industry as well.

At the forefront of this movement are hundreds of individuals outside the mainstream with the potential to create or contribute meaningfully to the “Next Big Thing”. These trailblazers are the reason Silicon Alley has risen to challenge the West Coast tech enclave as the number two VC- and Angel-funding spot in the country.

Lauren Keyson’s latest book is a take on the nature of disruptive technologists. Who are these people and what drives them? What makes the world of New York’s Disruptive Technologists? In this book, you will get inside their heads and gain insight and understanding into how they formulate their ideas, dreams, and what skills serve them on the path to success.

Drawing on in-depth interviews with notable NYC-based disruptive technologists, investors, inventors, educators, hackers, and geniuses, Disruptive Technologists and the Entrepreneurial Culture in New York City offers an intimate look at this new breed of tech entrepreneurs and the innovative products and services they are developing in labs, workspaces, basements, lounges, and apartments throughout the City.

This book will give you the insight you are looking for that might just make your idea the next big disruption.

Find out more about the newly formed not-for-profit Disruptive  Technologists in the Disruptive Technologists  Details PDF.

“Because life is too short to walk in a straight line.”

Lauren Keyson

Disruptive Technologists is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the difference between Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley..

Andrew Rasiej

A thought-provoking and fun read. This book really hones in on the entrepreneurial spirit of New Yorkers and how the " big ideas" come to fruition. Well done!

le grecs
The Origins of Disruptive Technologists by Lauren Keyson
The Origins of Disruptive Technologists by Lauren Keyson